What is Functional Medicine?

Easily said: Root Cause Medicine. In Functional Medicine a diagnosis is a description. A label. The symptoms of the diagnosis are merely the dashboard telling us something needs attention. Functional Medicine determines how and why symptoms and dis-ease occurs and restores health by addressing the burdens, imbalances, deficiencies and lifestyle. We are not deficient in […]

Supplement; With or Without Food??

Supplements come in all different sizes, shapes and colors. They can be used to optimize a nutrient, lower a symptom or balance dysfunction within the body. Some clients come to me taking none while others come to me with three pages of pills… and yet MOST have no idea how to take them or what […]

Marketing Madness

Are You Being Punked by Food Manufacturers? For most people, food shopping is at the bottom of the barrel for fun. Between the crowds at stores, the time it takes out of our day, and the skyrocketing prices, it’s one of the week’s dreaded chores. Throw in the marketing madness on the packaged foods and […]

Burnout – Joy, Passion, Purpose are non-negotiable

“Burnout is characterized by emotional exhaustion, finding work no longer meaningful, feelings of ineffectiveness, and a tendency to view patients, students, and colleagues as objects rather than as human beings. Associated manifestations include headache, insomnia, tension, anger, narrow-mindedness, impaired memory, decreased attention, and thoughts of quitting.”  “The pressure from my employer about not seeing enough patients is […]

“I’m Fine”

When was the last time you woke up excited, eager or gratified? Like you were making a difference?Healthcare NEEDS YOU… but, How much longer can you keep doing it?What is your REALITY? Is your job “FINE”?“It’s a fine job, but I don’t feel like I make any impact with patients.” “I’m exhausted, chart for hours […]

20 things I wish I learned in NP school

Experience is humbling. We can be the most passionate student and study hard. We can be good – even great – at what we do, but we’ll never know it all. We are told medicine will be ‘lifetime learning’. Yet… So Many Practitioners are STUCK. So many are stuck in the stance that if it’s […]