Welcome to “me”

I’ve been passionate about health since high school and blessed to have over 30 year’s experience as a Nurse, Nurse Practitioner, Health Writer, Educator and Speaker.
I am a fervent advocate for empowering, inspiring and educating the ‘masses’ about the power of root cause medicine through Functional Medicine…
AND debunking the bull@#! concept of aging = body breakdown.
During my 30+ year career, I’ve served as a US Army Nurse for 5 years, taught with the faculty at UMass Graduate School of Nursing, Mass College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences and MassBay Community College, worked in Primary care and taught OB/Gyn, participated in over 2,000 deliveries and hundreds of prenatal classes.
And for three years, loved freelance writing for a health column with .
Learning about and watching first-hand how Functional Medicine reduced symptoms and reversed dis-ease in my patients, I collaborated with a physician and opened 4 Better Health Functional Medicine in 2015 where we incorporate traditional as well as “root cause” medicine with our patients.

Few me truths:

I rejoice in being a NON-perfectionist.

I’m not and never will be a ‘Perfect Eater’.
I’m an X-coke/diet coke drinker.
I used to love my gluten, M&Ms, malt balls and Swedish fish.
I REALLY love chips. So much so, I wrote this chip blog!
I’m a clutz and procrastinator.
Because of this, I accept you for who you are and where you are in your health and education journey.
I’m a forever student.
I’ve been passionate about health, helping others and medicine since 1982 when she started as a home health and nursing home aide. I earned my Bachelor’s degree in Science and Nursing from Fitchburg State University and a Master’s degree from UMass Graduate School in Nursing with a sub-specialty in Education. 
Because education about food is limited in medical education and saw the value of “Food as Medicine”, I completed my Holistic Health and Nutrition certification through Institute of Integrative Nutrition, then added a Gluten Specialist Practitioner certification and added Functional Medicine training through School of Applied Functional Medicine (SAFM) and Institute for Functional Medicine.

Sharing is Caring
Sharing root cause medicine through speaking and small group facilitating is my mission. In order to optimize the care our communities receive, It’s my responsibility to share what I’ve learned and continue to learn.

Empowering Practitioners with ‘extra tools’ for their medical ‘tool box’. Allowing them to heal the way they imagined they could/would before the ‘real world’ of medicine sucked them dry.

Educating the Community ‘at large’ to be an active participant in their health through podcasts, TV inteviews, podcasts, and corporate/community presentations.

My Family makes me laugh
My biggest accomplishments are my marriage (of nearly 30 years!) and my 3 kind, hard working and beautiful adult children. There is never a day that one of these four humans don’t say or text something that makes me laugh (admittedly, I’m often at the butt of the joke).
Laughing is the best medicine.

Exercise is my vice.
I have a lifelong passion for movement as the key to optimal wellness and vitality. My family and I have seen first hand how the body responds with (and without!) exercise. My passion for moving my body includes a daily combination of walking, weight training, yoga.
“Exercise is more than what size or shape someone is in, it’s a necessity for optimal energy, immune system, mobility, bone density, cognition, digestion and mood!”

Its time for you to experience Medicine Done Differently.