Lisa’s Core Value:

Empower and educate colleagues in healthcare, consumers and communities with science and tools to maximize their careers, vitality and longevity.

Lisa’s Mission:

Advocate and Inspire for any sex, nationality, age, sexual preference to optimize quality of life and push deeper to find out the WHY and WHAT is causing dis-ease in the body.


Empower the practitioner and the community to be strong in the face of discomfort. To give permission, power, and the legal right to heal and be healed. To dig deeper within you and science. To seek. To stop “eating our young” in medicine. To lift each other and our community up!

Empower girls and women worldwide to build self-confidence, creativity, self-respect and value to their communities and the entire world through education.


Educate the practitioner and the community about Functional Medicine and its power to reduce and reverse disease (vs. control the symptoms). To coach the overwhelmed and frustrated with the knowledge, science and resources to incorporate and utilize root cause medicine.


Inspire the practitioner and the community to overcome fear and continue to push for science. To treat the patient, not the diagnosis. To be courageous through opposition. To be open minded and tap into nature, lifestyle, food and health resources outside of medication.
For Medicine Done Differently.
For only then will shifts in Medicine – in Health – occur.


Debunk the bulls*$! that aging equates to the body breaking down. Debunk the saying “it’s just part of getting old.”
Our relatives, colleagues, friends, media and practitioners say it… and sadly, many believe it and live with reversible symptoms.
Listen up… The body is not against you!
Aging is the power that allows the body to be more verbal, outspoken, direct in announcing what it does and does not like. Respect the messages. Aging is a GIFT.
Aging is a Privilege denied by many.
Dear reader… whether you’re a practitioner or patient… PLEASE … Do not give into (or use the excuse) of “it’s just part of getting old”. We deserve to and can THRIVE as we transition through the blessing of aging!

Paying it Forward

Lisa’s mission is to make someone else’s day better and brighter. LisaVasile.com donates 5% of all profits to support Girls, Women and Hunger

Girls Empowerment Movement


Lisa is the Massachusetts chapter leader of “Girls Empowerment Movement” -GEMS: an all inclusive organization that empowers girls to believe in themselves and strive for greatness. Feeling inspired to contribute? Donate directly and consider using https://smile.amazon.com/ and choosing to support GEMs each time you shop!

Feeding America

LisaVasile.com is dedicated to “Food as Medicine”.  Feeding America estimates over 54 million people in America will face hunger this year – how can our neighbors thrive without the basics for survival?

  • According to the USDA, more than 38 million people, including 12 million children, in the United States are food insecure
  • The pandemic has increased food insecurity among families with children and communities of color, who were already faced hunger at much higher rates before the pandemic.
  • Each year, 108 billion pounds of food is wasted in the United States. That equates to more than $161 billion worth of food thrown away each year. Shockingly, nearly 40% of all food in America is wasted.
  • In 2020, the Feeding America network and their partners rescued 4 billion pounds of groceries. This includes more than 1.8 billion pounds of rescued fresh produce. That food went directly to feed people facing hunger. This makes Feeding America the largest food rescue organization in the country.

Every $1 donated helps provide at least 10 meals. It only takes a little to make a big difference. Will you help in my fight to end hunger?  Please consider donating your next Dunkin’ or Starbucks stop and click on the Donate button above so we can feed our neighbors together! Donate directly

Support Woman Veterans

As a veteran herself, Lisa is passionate about supporting those who are and have served in the military; especially women veterans. Lisa has chosen to work with and donate to The Women Veterans Network (WoVeN) – a national, peer support network led by women veterans, for women veterans. Feeling inspired to support? Donate directly

Its time for us to love and support our Girls, Women and Hungry!