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Practitioner Coaching

Practitioners are GOOD PEOPLE with passion to heal. But with the overwhelming number of patients and confines of the protocol/insurance driven healthcare (sick-care) model, it’s no wonder we are exhausted and disheartened.
We need more in our toolbox. This is where Functional Medicine comes in. Instead of treating all the “ills” with pills, you and your patients can dive into the ‘why, what, where and how’ of their dis-ease and reduce, reverse or resolve their conditions.

For those who have FM training and would like coaching for applying Functional Medicine with clients and patients – or who might need support with business building, I’m excited to help! We will lock arms and support ALL to experience medicine done differently.

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For those who want to delve into Functional Medicine training, I recommend SAFM.

Private Health Consulting

Do you have questions about lab results, supplements or symptoms? Are you confused or overwhelmed with whether you should take a medication or have a surgery? While I wouldn’t ever dictate health decisions, I am passionate about empowering others and our community. I’m eager to listen to your concerns and empower you to understand and trend labs, medications, supplements and reduce dis-ease in your body (or your loved ones’).
Stop putting your health. Make you and your goals a priority.

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I am passionate about bringing Functional Medicine ‘to the masses’. To do this, the communities, health care professionals and students, practitioners and consumers have to learn about Functional Medicine. Root Cause Medicine can (and should) be dripped into and infused within conventional medicine. And to do this, we must add it to Conventional conferences, Podcasts, Health Summits, Continuing Education in the community. Medicine Done Differently can reduce burnout and frustration because you’re not able to ‘help’ your patients get better!

Looking for an Interactive & Fun Keynote Speaker? You found it! I will fill the room, entice your crowd and have them talking about the information for weeks to come.  It’s time your attendees feel supported (not talked down to) and walk away feeling like they can use the info immediately.  I have presented in venues from 20 to 200 people such as NationalGrid, Wellesely College, EMC, MIAA, BIA-MA, Social work and medical specialty groups.  

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