What is Functional Medicine?

Easily said: Root Cause Medicine.

In Functional Medicine a diagnosis is a description. A label. The symptoms of the diagnosis are merely the dashboard telling us something needs attention. Functional Medicine determines how and why symptoms and dis-ease occurs and restores health by addressing the burdens, imbalances, deficiencies and lifestyle.

We are not deficient in statins, sleep aids, anti-inflammatories and poop aides. Functional Medicine is Medicine done differently. We know how we eat, how we sleep, our daily physical and emotional stressors, investigates hormones, gut health and how we absorb the food we eat, and how hydrated we are will make or break the body’s resilience for health. We know that our childhood stressors (Adverse childhood events) and lifetime exposures to foods, infections, travel and toxins are unique to the individual and must be considered as valuable pieces to the health puzzle.

In Conventional Medicine, there must be a label to dictate the treatment. With Chronic conditions this approach reduces the symptoms or slows the trajectory of the disease and/or damage it may do. It does not resolve or remove the disease. If there is nothing ‘abnormal’ in the workup for the patient… there are pills to treat a symptom.

Here’s one example of the different between FM and CM:
If someone has gallbladder ‘sludge’, CM may diagnose this as causing pain, they offer to remove or wait… and will state “it typically has less and less time between attacks” (while nothing is offered as treatment in between). Not because they don’t care! But because the tool box has nothing else to offer. After the gallbladder is out, the root cause of the dysfunction for the ‘sludge’ is left unadressed and without a gallbladder, it’s nearly impossible to absorb and utilize fat soluable vitamins and many people will have chronic diarrhea. How sad is this??

Its not fair to the practitioner or the patient.
Its time for you to experience Medicine Done Differently.

Why We Need Functional Medicine

Despite having more and more access to science, health podcasts, webinars, summits, books, radio shows, etc, We have worsening rates of chronic disease. We have more people struggling and astronomical funds being spent on visits, drugs, surgeries and labs. Yet the more money spent, the less healthy we are. The lower the quality of life and higher the ‘what next?’ fear. The “will that happen to me?” or the “Will I live to see that” or the “I wish I had the mobility or strength or energy to ___.”

As Chris Kresser, says so eloquently; “It is apparent from these numbers, chronic disease is now the biggest threat to our longevity. Conventional medicine can only manage this slow-motion plague; it can’t stop and reverse it. Indeed, as I’ve written before, it was never designed to. It was historically, and remains to this day, structured to address trauma, acute infection, and end-of-life care, not to keep people healthy”.

These systems are not WRONG – they work for Acute care. For stopping rampant infections or reversing crisis and treating traumas. Thank Goodness science and healthcare is available and SO GOOD at keeping us alive. Sadly, the model of ‘treat the ill”, “test and treat”, “stop a symptom”, “Inject, cut or remove the organ at the center of the symptom” is not helping us to THRIVE – in fact as you can see from the stats above, is EXTRAORDINARILY expensive and the US – YOU, your loved ones, your colleagues – has a skyrocketing epidemic rate of chronic disease. In other words.

Its time for you to experience Medicine Done Differently.